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Opponents of globalization or anti-globalists say that it exploits workers and degrades the environment. An international influence is also clearly seen in popular music styles. F Britain has become a country where different nationalities, cultures and religions are mixed. Globalization, meanwhile, is progressing and seems to be turning into an irreversible process. In spite of all difficulties in recent days the number of students who take part in exchange programmes has increased sufficiently. This is my first year at university and I have not got used to a new style of life yet. One and the same job could be very rewarding and enjoyable for one per-son and absolutely inappropriate for another one. Many years ago people used to live with very few things and used to have a lot of time to think. Today people have many electronic devices at their homes and use them every day. get down to a) to start doing something seriously; 3. F; The names of these languages look similar but they are actually quite different. There are many arguments surrounding the phenomenon of globalization and they're all quite controversial. For example, Indian and Chinese takeaways are as popular as traditional British fish and chips. The issue is very controversial and there are lots of arguments for and against the process. Both globalists and anti-globalists think they are right. Right, you should have the interview before getting a new job in this company. Her responsibility makes her work hard and do everything in time. The Ministry of Education gives students a right to choose some of the final school exams. Nobody wanted to take responsibility for the accident so the police started an investigation. School rules say that it's a student's responsibility to study well, be organized and act politely. The officer in the airport is within his rights to ask them to show their passports. Our work plan was agreed on by everybody and I think we should follow it. As you can see the number of the students taking part in exchange programmes is just about twenty when in 2010 it is sixty. Moreover it should be mentioned that in those years and in 2005 the number of exchange programme students did not change at all. In conclusion it is important to remark that the general tendency is optimistic. I'm sure that there are no good or bad jobs but there are right and wrong ones for every particular person. take out ) to remove something from a box, bag, etc; 2. In this school we study languages that are less traditional in Russia. If I want to enter the university I must get an excellent mark on the exam. The new method of learning English is very interesting, but I don't think for everyone. First of all it is the same number of people who have the real ability to speak foreign languages that I have already mentioned. He confessed that he had given upsmoking and had stopped drinking alcohol many years ago. - to approve of something, to be in favour of something, to be positive towards something, to support something - to be against something, to be negative towards something, to disapprove of something, to oppose something . Many of them were from different countries belonging to the British Empire. It was called the Empire Windrush and it had hundreds of people on board. His articles are often published in serious newspapers and now it's me who cuts out his articles to make a collection. And it may serve as an example for the others to strive for. We can see that ten years ago, in 2000 we had 30 foreign students, which made a very little per cent of the total number of students who studied at the university. h) Evans goes to Latin America to become a journalist. b) Sophia works as a photographer for The Observer and The Sunday Telegraph. provide money, food, clothes, etc, that one needs in order to live — to support; 3. If you learn through your mistakes, you are not likely to make them again. Many city dwellers are becoming hooked on country living these days. It takes up to six years to complete a degree in Medicine. The commitment, energy, drive and innovation of staff are essential to our success. Actually, she finds her job too stressful for her and is going to quit.) . Cyber money is already in use, but it's accepted by internet shops only. Of course there may be found several arguments against it. He works a lot and tries to have a healthy way of life. When I decided to enter the technical university, my parents approved of my choice. In the 20^ century Britain suffered much during the Second World War and people from other parts of the world were invited to help rebuild the country. We were allowed to/could wear jeans at school, e) Permission in the past. He also showed me several files with articles and printed internet materials that related to different political parties and political events. He can easily forecast which party will win the elections, whether the unemployment rate will rise or fall, and whether our economy will grow or whether we'll have to survive through a recession period. It reveals the fact that such a society is problem-free. e) She realizes that she wants to be a professional photojournalist. enthusiasm and determination to work hard — commitment and energy; 2. Now she can afford a new flat as her job is very well-paid. The only person who can help you complete this difficult job is Bertie. She says it's very rewarding to work with children. Jim says that he'd rather do a simple but exciting job than a prestigious but boring one. Jenny is not very good at languages and she gets very nervous when she has to negotiate contracts with foreign partners. Advantages of: working for a large company: good promotion opportunities, meeting new people, health insurance, focus on your personal responsibilities, an opportunity to learn what other people do working for a small company: supportive workmates, a family atmosphere, health insurance, an opportunity to learn what other people do, a good salary being self employed: a good salary, nobody can ever fire you, being your own boss, a large range of responsibilities, an opportunity to plan your day , . major (in) (Am E) h) to study some subject as an academic specialty (Am E) . Online trade will probably enhance the significance of cyber money. If it is true, why then so humble number of people can really speak foreign languages? He works with theatres and singers all around the world. The government was against the new plan of city reconstruction. In fact, every person in Britain has origins from another country. You don't have to pay for this course, c) Lack of obligation or necessity. When I entered his room for the very first time, my attention was attracted to a little bookcase in the corner. Certainly, we all should do our best to help each other. Master/Master's c) someone who has completed his/her undergraduate studies and was awarded such a degree by a college or university 7. More and more people find this way of paying for goods and services very convenient — it's quick, there's no need to wait for change and it lessens the risk of having your money lost or stolen. Money of the future The internet can change not only the way we sell and buy things, but money circulation too. Katy is not a particularly diligent student but she's gained proficiency in three foreign languages . We can see a lot of advertisement that offer quick courses of foreign languages after finishing of which you would speak fluently any language you wish. After Hvorostovsky won several professional contests in Russia, Irina Arkhipova encouraged him to take part in the Cardiff Singer of the World competition in 1989. His manner of singing is very lyrical and it is sometimes called "old school". Anti-globalists support multinational corporations. The school administration is negative towards the idea of creating a school council. Globalists are in favour of the ideas of close cooperation throughout the world. Several thousands years ago people travelled from many different parts of the world to live in Europe and Great Britain. It was a weird hobby for a teenager, but he obviously enjoyed it. In such situation government does not have a chance to protect the other spheres of people's lives such as animals or environment. Michael believes that taking different professional courses is essential to update qualifications and to be competitive on the labour market. Mary has always worked in education and has never thought about changing the job. undergraduate d) a student in a university or college who has not received a first degree (esp. Bachelor/Bachelor's f) someone who has completed at least one year of graduate study and was awarded such a degree by a graduate school or department 6. Apart from conventional coins and banknotes we can use the so-called plastic money or banking cards. Continue Reading → Camila Cabello continues to come out as the winner in the race to be better than Fifth Harmony.After getting her first UK number one with “Havana,” Billboard recently announced that the singer will also be honored at the Women In Music awards as this year’s “Breakthrough Artist.” Continue Reading → The 2017 elections didn’t drum up quite the excitement that 2016 did.

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